Jul 8, 2021 Florent Hainaut

How to choose the right office supplies?

  • How to buy office supplies?
  • How can you save money on office supplies?
  • What are the most suitable solutions for your company?
These are the questions we will try to answer in this article.
How to choose your office supplies suppliers:

 The "office supplies" sector can be distinguished by 3 categories of players
In your analysis to find the right supplier, consider the following:
  • The ordering tool
  • Delivery times
  • Delivery costs
  • Product quality (especially the white label offered by the supplier)
  • Financing: can you pay in multiple times?


You can also consider buying second-hand equipment. Points that renew their furniture or computer equipment after only a few years sell at very attractive prices.

Some suppliers specialise in second-hand or reconditioned equipment.


How can you reduce your office supply costs without degrading the quality of your services?

- Draw up a list of all your orders for a whole year
- Draw up a list of specifications that includes the most important references using the Pareto principle (20% of your references represent 80% of your budget)
- Consult a minimum of 3 suppliers and send them your specifications.
- Make grouped orders to avoid transport costs
- Store supplies in a secure place to avoid theft and consumption peaks during the back-to-school period. Assign the distribution of office supplies to a single employee
- Limit the use of expensive individual printers and offer something in return, such as a second monitor
- Embark on a paperless challenge and provide efficient scanning tools like Genius Scan

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