Facebook ads: Small budget, big results?

Facebook knows us too well


It's no secret that Facebook knows a lot about us. Thanks to all this data, advertisers can target their audience very precisely, based on interests, behaviours and even buying patterns. If you click regularly on ads with the buy button, Facebook identifies you as a person with a strong buying intention



What's with the facebook ads?

Facebook advertising is simply a way to broadcast an ad to people you've targeted beforehand. The idea of facebook advertising is to pay facebook to have the possibility to broadcast an ad.

Why advertise on facebook?

What I really like about facebook advertising is that you can reach a large and qualified audience. As long as you know how to target it. The big advantage is that you don't pay a very high price to reach these people. Whereas if you wanted to put an ad on TV or on the street, you're probably going to pay a lot more for those flyers or for that TV ad without it even being targeted.

What are the advantages of Facebook advertising over other channels?

For me, Facebook advertising has three main strengths: The first is that you can target your target customer very precisely. Depending on the location, according to their interests, according to their behaviours and many other things. again. The second thing is that it's something extremely visual, you can have different formats of ads, ads with videos, ads with still images and even ads with multiple images, which is really interesting. And the third thing I really love about Facebook advertising is that it fits all marketing goals. Whether you want to be more visible, have more people watching your videos or just sell your products or services, you can do it with Facebook advertising.

What budget?

Be careful, just because you're going to put money into Facebook advertising doesn't mean you're going to get results. To be successful, you need a strategy, you need to replicate the customer journey, as it is in reality. You need to replicate a tunnel logic, a sales funnel logic to sell with Facebook ads.

All companies can have an interest?

All businesses have an interest in advertising on Facebook, whether they are B2C, B2B, e-commerce, service, software, or even local merchants can use Facebook advertising to promote themselves and their products. make their offers known

Even in B2B?

Contrary to popular belief, it is possible to advertise on Facebook in B2B. Why is it possible? Because on Facebook, there are also targeting possibilities to target business leaders or even the interests that these leaders might have, as well as the B2B solutions that these business leaders like. 5 simple recommendations to follow The first is to define your objective precisely. The second is to quantify your expectations. The third recommendation is to study and define your target. The fourth recommendation is to define your offer. And finally, the fifth recommendation is to communicate your offer in an advertisement that is persuasive.

What about Instagram?

Instagram already represents 20% of Facebook's advertising revenues and it is set to increase even more. So there's an opportunity compared to Instagram in terms of costs. because costs are likely to increase as advertisers put their budget into advertising on Instagram Get in touch with your customers with Messenger Facebook advertising is not only advertising that refers to a website, you can also make ads that refer to a Messenger conversation to have a real contact with your customers.

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AB testing

The big advantage of Facebook advertising over traditional advertising is that you're going to be able to test different variables that are important to you. For example, you will be able to test an ad with a still image or a video. You can also test different audience types. For example, you can test men against women. And finally, you can also test texts.

Similar hearing, what's that?

Facebook's ad targeting tool is so powerful that you'll be able to create what we call similar audiences. A similar audience are people who look like your customers. A similar audience is an audience of people who look like your customers. You can give Facebook a customer file that Facebook will analyze and then find other people who look like them based on their socio-demographic characteristics and by interests

What's the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook pixel is a tracking code that you can place on your website that allows you to know when someone has purchased on your site, when they visited a specific page or when he visited several pages Thanks to the Facebook pixel, you will be able to know a lot about the visitors of your site, you will be able to know the people who clicked on the ad, who saw the landing page, who then can be seen a product page, who added the product to the shopping cart and finally who bought.


The Facebook pixel also allows you to retarget advertising. I think you've all seen these ads before or when you go to a website and you've seen them. don't buy, seconds later you see ads on Facebook, on google. That's exactly what retargeting is all about. Thanks to the pixel, you're going to be able to create personalized audiences, audiences that include people who have visited your site, who have bought a product, who have initiated a payment, who have added a product to the cart, you will then be able to show them a targeted advertisement, very easily on Facebook or Instagram.

Last tip?

If you are still hesitating to advertise on Facebook, you should know that there are currently 80 million companies on Facebook and only 6000000 of them advertise. Facebook. If you want to seize this opportunity, don't wait any longer. Whatever your budget, whether you have €10 or €50 to invest every day, you'll be able to advertise on Facebook and reach exactly whoever you want and that's really fantastic.

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