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E-commerce : How to choose the best parcel delivery service provider?

There are many offers for parcel delivery and they are becoming more and more attractive. To find the best delivery company, it is not enough to find the cheapest one, but the one that suits you best. The choice should be made according to the type of goods and your needs. Here are several factors to consider in finding the right parcel delivery company for your needs.

Business needs

- What is your shipping volume? It is essential to know your shipping volume in order to get competitive offers. If you ship 10 parcels per week you will not get the same contract as if you ship 10 parcels per day. Knowing the volume of parcels you ship will also allow you to compare different offers on an equal basis.

- What is the average weight of your parcels? Are they large parcels that take up a lot of space or are they small ones? Depending on this, you may also be able to see changes in the prices offered by the service providers.

- What is the nature of your goods? Will you be sending foodstuffs that are subject to specific transport conditions or fragile parcels? It is important to know this in advance in order to find the most suitable provider, as not all providers offer the same services.

- What delivery methods do you want to offer? Will you offer express delivery? If so, check that the provider offers this service. Express rates are often double the price of standard shipping, so if you don't have any obligations, it's much better to opt for standard shipping.

- What geographical area do you ship to? Some companies only operate internationally and some never ship internationally. If you never ship internationally, there's no need to take out a contract that includes international shipping and is more expensive. Really go for the best price solution.

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The cost of transport

The transport market in Belgium is in full swing. You have the option of choosing tailor-made services to ensure your parcels are delivered quickly, but you can also work with transporters who pool their customers to save money.

To get a parcel to its final destination, you have the option of using different means of transport. If you choose a carrier with a variety of transport options, they can combine and optimise the journey financially and in terms of time too.

What payment options are available to you? Check which possibilities are available to you.

In conclusion, it is important to choose your delivery service provider carefully, as he will also be responsible for the satisfaction of your customers. In addition, the cost of transport will certainly play a more than important role in your profitability.

The different transport providers in Belgium

- Bpost 

The Belgian national post office. This service provider delivers mainly in Belgium but also worldwide. Bpost offers 2 professional solutions: starter <500 and tailor-made >500 parcels per year. 


UPS is one of the most renowned shipping services in the world. This logistics solution delivers in Europe and all over the world. They offer the possibility to deliver by appointment and to send heavy items (>30kg).

- Mondial Relay

Mondial Relay is a delivery service in Europe that specialises in delivering parcels to relay points. In general, parcels are limited to a certain weight and size. 

- DPD  

DPD is the international parcel delivery network of the French post office. DPD is a mainstay of the European retail market and they offer professional packages for up to 50 shipments per month and a special offer for a large number of parcels.


DHL is a German carrier that specialises in international express deliveries. Its express service can deliver packages anywhere in the world within 24-48 hours. It can also send heavy items (>30kg). 


One of the biggest players in the market, with an air and ground network. Fedex specialises in home delivery of parcels and also accepts parcels considered "heavy" up to 68kg. 

- PostNL

Dutch company specialised in postal services. They operate in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy and the UK. PostNL is the Dutch national postal service. 


Company specialised in the express delivery of parcels. The head office is located in the Netherlands. In the past they were the operator of the Dutch national postal service. They were acquired by Fedex in 2016. 


GLS offers home and relay point delivery services internationally. GLS also offers national and international express deliveries with next business day delivery.  

- Belgium Parcels Service

BPS offers deliveries to Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, France and Germany. They also specialise in the distribution of sensitive goods, mainly in the pharmaceutical sector.

- CityDepot

CityDepot is a Belgian delivery and collection company. Sustainability is at the heart of their approach. They try to reduce the number of logistical movements as much as possible.

- Shippr

Shippr is a delivery company based in Brussels. Even though it is quite new as it was founded in 2018, it has managed to create a place for itself in the market of parcel delivery providers. Their aim is to reduce empty volumes and CO2 emissions.

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