Influencers: The new heroes of marketing

Why use influencer marketing in a digital strategy?


For me, anyone can certainly become an influencer as long as they remain themselves and be able to get a message across effectively. One actually sees that influencer marketing is being used more and more by companies. This can be done in different ways such as using the influencers in articles and therefore have more reach through social media, as well as through certain content they create such as videos or photos by using them on the customer's website and social media channels.



What are the methods of the influencers?

Product placement, number two is story counting, number three is all competition, and number four through events.

Calculate the ROI

To every impression, every like, every comment, every click trough to a profile, every share, we are actually going to establish a certain value and once we have put the post or the video online, we can see the number of views and thus calculate what the return on investment is for the customer.

Influencer marketing, also for B2B ?

B2B will create a different content, more on Linkedin and this will be more with people who are opinion leaders in those particular sectors. They will give their advice, tip and tricks in the form of a story and thus their opinion less visual, photos, etc. and videos.

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Well-known influencer in Belgium: " Mom, I'm fine "

Sure, an influencer well known in Belgium is "Mom, I'm fine". He is of course very famous because he travels all over the world with his panau "Mom, I'm fine". A very unique view on the world and it's very creative.

Who's Daniel Wellington?

Daniel the watch brand, is definitely the example of how to use influencer marketing as a brand. What they have done very well: they have focused on a lot of influencers in many different niches and especially on micro influencers because here the engagement was much higher.

What is a pod ?

An instagram pod is actually a kind of Whatsapp group or it could be a group on Instagram that actually has different people in it together. If somebody from that group has put a new picture online then the intention is that all other people from that group will like these pictures and comments as soon as possible.

Instagram bone?

An instagram bot is actually a kind of robot that will automatically like certain pictures with certain hashtags from your profile, you indicate yourself, will like them, will follow them and all automatically. That can go up to 60 different profiles per hour that it will start to follow.

An example of influencer marketing campaign ?

An example of influencer Marketing not so long ago is one where several Chinese influencers were invited to visit Belgium and promote different cities here in Belgium all this of course to promote tourism from China.

Last recommendation

Influencer Marketing can work very well as long as you use the right channel for The right product or service with the right influencers in addition and that you can also give a certain freedom to the influencers to be as creative as possible with that content.