Mar 23, 2021 Florent Hainaut #Business

Need a shared office in Brussels? New trends in 2021

Many employers are wondering what they will do with their offices once this Covid crisis is over? Should they cancel their lease and move to full teleworking or should they move to a half week teleworking and half week coworking, flex desk or shared office in Brussels? One thing is certain: our working habits will change profoundly.

Some rumours suggest that the need for office space will decrease by more than 40%.  Even if this would save the companies concerned money, won't it harm productivity? For many employers, telework productivity leaves something to be desired, while others are totally convinced of its effectiveness.

So could this decrease in demand and the subsequent increase in supply be an opportunity? In any case, now is the time for your company to review a few points:

Chart Increasing on Apple iOS 14.2 review its needs

Can your company do without being in the office all week? If so, opt instead for a flex desk or a coworking/sharing office in Brussels. This will allow you to save money and be more flexible.

Memo on Apple iOS 14.2 renegotiate your lease contract

The time has come for you to renegotiate your lease contract. Are you still employed? If so, for how long? If not, are the terms of the contract suitable or do you think you can get more correct rates?

Delivery Truck on Apple iOS 14.2 move

Are you no longer satisfied with your office where you find it is too expensive for what it is, maybe it's time to move?

Handshake on Apple iOS 14.2 use coworkings

Discover in one click a list with all the coworking in Brussels on our site. Ask about the equipment available in each shared office in Brussels to find the one that will best suit your needs. Do you need a room to meet clients at the office? Do you need a meeting room, a private office or a place to relax?

Laptop on Apple iOS 14.2 digitise your business in depth

Is your digital presence sufficient or could you set up a webshop? Are you currently doing well with your communication means and digital tools for coordination or other purposes or could you set up new tools? Find out more about digital tools in our article: Top 10 digital tools to reduce costs.

New trends in 2021: 

- Some companies decided after the first containment to have telework equipment delivered to their employees such as ergonomic chairs, monitors, keyboards and others. Even if all your employees have a laptop, they may not have the right equipment to work for months at a time from home.

- Another new trend is the acoustic revolution. Excessive noise in open spaces or at home can be very disturbing, but with this revolution, furniture can be acoustically treated or made of sound-absorbing materials. Rooms in the home can be soundproofed along walls or ceilings. This makes it possible to work in a quieter environment.

- American real estate specialists Cushman & Wakefield recently predicted that our future offices will be more like ecosystems or agile spaces designed to foster innovation and collaboration mixing coworking spaces with libraries, cafes and chilling rooms

- Nomadic workspaces that encourage movement. No more fidgeting and losing your ability to concentrate. To remedy this, more and more companies are designing their offices in such a way that employees are encouraged to change their position and stay on the move. Height-adjustable desks can also be interesting, allowing those who wish to do so to raise their desks to work standing up.

- One of this year's major trends is to design offices in a respectful way, for example by reusing existing furniture and recycling furniture. Make a commitment to improving the environmental impact of your office. Gestures to preserve the environment are best understood when they are implemented collectively. You can also favour "Made in Belgium" regarding equipment by involving each employee.

So how do you intend to take advantage of the opportunities and find the right balance for your company?