Jun 17, 2020 Florent Hainaut #Finance

The Cost-Killer's job

My job is Cost-Killer. Or that's what people used to call this job.

Me, I see myself as a value creator. 🚀

Finally, cutting costs is an extremely simple exercise. Anyone can do it. Tomorrow you can start cutting costs in your company. It will be very easy. A company doesn't need me to do that. ✂️

In 2018, I conducted a survey among the Top 500 companies in Belgium.

But only 17% of them achieved the goals they had set themselves.

That's the paradox. Many companies want to cut costs, but few succeed in doing so. As a business owner or employee, you may witness this every day. You think, "Why do we do it like this? It's totally inefficient... or it's useless... what a waste..." Finding all these inefficiencies, it's the role of the Cost-Killer. Maintaining or even increasing the same quality for a lower budget is creating value.
This is the first episode of a series in which I will explain how you can reduce your costs and create value for your business. 📈
  • Lesson 1: The Cost-Killer's job
In the next episode I will explain concretely how you can start an effective cost optimisation plan.