The Maverick Buying or how to limit uncontrolled spending?

I'm not gonna lie to you. The vast majority of the companies I meet with do not have their costs under control simply because they don't know their cost structure properly. 💸💸💸



When I first start a new project, I get little or no clear answers to simple questions: How much do you spend per year on this type of purchase? Who is in charge of this expenditure? Do you have a contract or a framework agreement? 📝📝📝
It is this lack of visibility on their cost structure that drives companies into uncontrolled spending.
In English, a Maverick is a person who acts and thinks independently, like a rebel.
The term Maverick actually comes from the 19th century. At that time, Samuel Maverick, a politician, lawyer and cattle breeder, did not mark his cattle. The untagged cattle are today called Maverick cattle. 🤠🤠🤠
Maverick Buying occurs when a department or individual purchases products, equipment or services completely independently, without going through a validation or decision channel.
The consequences of Maverick Buying are as follows 📉 :
  • Higher prices
  • No price comparison
  • Non-validated purchasing processes
  • Lack of framework agreements
  • Multitude of suppliers
Take the time to go through your costs and estimate the percentage of costs that fall off the radar. Then put in place clear and simple processes. On how to buy, who buys, who decides? 👌
In the next episode, I'll talk about the decision tree or how to optimize all the small expenses in your business. 🌳
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