Jan 28, 2021 Florent Hainaut #Business

Top 10 digital tools to reduce costs

1/ Access to freelancers worldwide: Upwork and Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr are platforms that allow companies to hire and work with independent professionals around the world. You also have the opportunity to track your team's progress and set budgets with ease.

2/ Outsource your laborious manual tasks: Amazon Mechanical Turk and Foule Factory

These are 2 participative platforms that offer web users the opportunity to perform micro-tasks in return for payment. In other words, they are crowdsourcing platforms.  

3/ 100 tools to create your startup without a developer or graphic designer: Maddyness

If you are an entrepreneur looking to create and grow your start-up, this article is probably for you! It includes all the tips and best practices for starting your business while saving time and money.

4/ Outsource your overheads: Cuustomer

Cuustomer is the first B2B supplier management platform that guides professionals in all their purchasing decisions to gain efficiency and reduce expenses.

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5/ Create legal documents easily:

Wonder.Legal is a Belgian site that allows you to easily create your legal documents using an ingenious form system. 

6/ Digitise your banker: Revolut for Business

Revolut is a neobank that has been voted the best banking application in Europe. Registration is completely digital and takes only a few minutes. You can provide your employees with physical and virtual credit cards and benefit from complete reporting and control. You can also easily convert money into 28 currencies and easily transfer money internationally.

7/ Health insurance reinvented: Alan

Alan is a French health insurance company, independent and 100% online dedicated to companies and professionals. It offers a simple, transparent and non-binding offer.  

8/ Printing and advertising material: is a quality printing website to improve your marketing. You also have the possibility to personalise products. Everything is printed in Belgium and for a very competitive price.

9/ Switch to AI for your translations: Deepl

Are you looking for a translator? Think about trying Deepl! Deepl trains artificial intelligence to understand and translate texts and has been voted the best machine translation service.

10/ Cash is King: say goodbye to unpaid bills: Recovr

Recovr revolutionises the management and collection of your outstanding debts. They take charge of the entire debt collection follow-up process. From payment follow-up to case management by a lawyer, they centralise all the information and stages of the collection process.

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