Aug 9, 2019 Florent Hainaut #IT

Voice search: gadget or revolution?

Gadget or revolution?
Revolution, in fact, more and more people are making requests through the voice. We are in the order of 20 to 30 percent of voice requests in the United States and ComScore estimates that by 2020 we will be more than 50 percent.


 Search engine versus response engine
In fact, we're going from a search engine to a response engine. That is, people are more and more directly looking for answers to their questions. Instead of typing 2-3 keywords, they directly ask a question. How do I install this software? How can I cook such a dish?
How do you succeed in SEO? Why this evolution?
The goal of search engines is to offer users the best results and the best experience. At the moment it's via his smartphone, but it starts more and more via smart speakers. We know that more and more of these devices will be available everywhere. In the car but also in the kitchen. I'm cooking. I no longer know a recipe for making this or that sauce. OK Google, give me the recipe for the Béarnaise.
What's the most popular voice search?
The first one is really the weather and then it's all questions about general information. In my opinion, the sectors that will be most affected will be tourism, then the industry and also everything retail.
How can I do a voice search?
As of today you can already make requests via your voice. All you need is a smartphone, a Google or Siri assistant.
OK Google, what is it?
"OK Google" is the sentence that Google's voice assistant launches. Just say OK Google and then you ask your question. He'll respond immediately and be able to answer the question asked.
What's V-commerce?
V-commerce is about trading by voice. You can buy your favorite products very easily by simply communicating by voice through a voice wizard. There are initiatives such as Colruyt that allow you to add products to your shopping cart or for Amazon with Alexa.
What possibilities for companies?
The possibilities are enormous. It is in their interest to prepare for this type of revolution or evolution from now on by adapting their content, their website to this new type of paradigm.
How should companies prepare themselves in practice?
Tomorrow you have to prepare, there is only one vocal answer for the moment. If you are not present, if you have questions or problems that your customers or future customers do not answer correctly, you will not exist. There is a very important place to be present in search engines at voice level. In concrete terms, this means understanding your customers' problems, trying to think about the questions related to those problems, and answering those questions through relevant, rich content that provides real value for your prospects and customers.